From time to time I am simply blown away!

I know that what I do for a living has real and potentially serious consequences; not just for me, not just for the business I am employed by, but even more importantly for the many folks like you, your families, and maybe even your employees, all of whom are going through all of the ups and downs of life, who trust that I will do my best for them.

Thank you to everyone and every organization that allows me these opportunities.

Some even believe I have done such a good job, that they have written me such nice words of thanks, or have written letters on my behalf to encourage others to trust that I will do the same for others needing my services. Thank you…these are the cherries on top!

I have to be better about sharing these words…but for now here is just one letter from a great Mom!

Thank you Katherine…It was a challenge for sure, but getting to know you and your Son was a real pleasure, and I am glad that together the three of us were successful in making your family’s situation at least a little bit better!

January 8, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of referral for Jerry Gillis of Vista Benefits in Madison. Jerry has served our family with exceptional service and ingenuity in 3 challenging health insurance situations.

One situation involved finding comprehensive coverage for co-existing health conditions requiring highly specialized treatment out-of-network and out-of-state. Jerry was relentless in searching and finding the optimal policy that provided the best coverage possible. There were considerable out-of-pocket costs from the provider after treatment but Jerry’s detailed emails helped us recover considerable costs. It saved our family a lot of money.

Jerry has also helped us find individual coverage for 2 family members as the head of household prepares to transition to Medicare. He provided many options and provided above and beyond service with calls to the Marketplace and to providers. There was inaccurate information provided by one insurance provider and it took considerable time on Jerry’s part for over three weeks to resolve the matter. He never complained–he forged ahead to resolve the issues. He wants his customers to be satisfied.

Jerry also made a referral to another agent specializing in Medicare supplement insurance, who has been very knowledgeable and helpful.

Jerry is a consummate professional and knows his field. I give him my highest recommendation.

Katherine Johnson-Becklin

Monona, WI


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